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The emerging demand for data science skills will create real challenges for an industry already struggling to resource its talent needs. At present, many organisations are struggling to cope with data growth and are finding it difficult to recruit staff with the appropriate skills. The Data Lab aims to grow the supply of talented individuals with data science expertise and will help ensure Scottish industry has access to sufficient capability.

The Skills & Talent agenda includes:

The Data Lab MSc

One of the main pillars of The Data Lab’s objectives is to help develop the required capabilities in data science, to assist in closing the skills gap currently being experienced by the industry. The Data Lab works closely with industry and academia to create a pipeline of talented data scientists, through education programs such as this MSc programme. A key area of focus will be industrial engagement through workshops and projects with industry and public sector participation.

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Industrial Doctorates

The Data Lab co-funds industry-focused doctoral research programmes in Scottish Universities, in collaboration with Scottish businesses or public sector organisations. These applied research projects provide unique benefits: an unmatchable, in-depth research training experience for doctoral students leading to innovative data-driven solutions to problems faced by the Industry Sponsors, while leveraging Scottish universities' world-class academic capabilities.

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Online Learning & Continued Professional Development

The primary focus for Data Lab’s Skills & Training agenda is to support local industry and ensure staff have the relevant skills to apply data science in their workplace. Many of the new data science and ‘big data’ technologies are less than five years old and most companies are unaware of the latest trends and developments in this area.

The Data Lab will offer a tiered approach to education and training. This will include individual modules that can be studied online, and a cohesive suite of online programmes (which may provide accredited certificates and diplomas where appropriate). To meet the demands of industry, we appreciate that alternatives to full-time study are required. As such The Data Lab will work with industry to ensure flexible learning programmes are created to best fit their needs.

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Scotland Data Science MSc and BSc course finder

To help narrow down the plethora of Data Science and related MSc and BSc courses in Scotland, we have created a simple web application that details what each course has to offer. Our web application allows you to search for a specific degree by the modules and programming languages that are taught. It allows you to highlight the courses that you think look particularly interesting. Information about the entry requirements and course details such as duration and part time study are also given. Furthermore, there is a tab for scholarships for the MSc courses that provides information about the awards that are available per each degree and their eligibility criteria.

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Placements & Secondments

A regular interchange of staff between The Data Lab and industry partners is encouraged. The Data Lab will promote placement and secondment opportunities enabling industry to embed staff within data science groups and engage in knowledge exchange programmes.

It also helps students and staff from universities to secure placements with partner companies. Find out how to get involved in our MSc placements programme.

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