Website Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility Improvements for The Data Lab website

We are continuously trying to improve the accessibility of our site. The work we do to fix accessibility issues will be listed on this page.



Continuing work to fix pdfs that aren’t accessible.


Assessing existing pdfs for accessibility



  • Pdfs have been reviewed and amended to conform to colour contrast guidelines
  • Missing alt tags are being added to images.
  • Make images clickable to allow enlarging where possible
  • Alter colour in images to improve colour contrast


  • Fix was delivered from 3rd party plugin for adding aria-label to the Search field in site navigation.
  • Nav tags added to list of links in footer to denote navigation


The following fixes have been implemented:

  • Input labels have been added to the newsletter signup form
  • Font size of footer address information has been increased to improve readability.
  • The font colour of the link text in the footer that was grey was changed to white to make it more readable.
  • Social media icons were given a border to improve the colour contrast with the background.
  • Missing alt tags are being added to images.
  • Main navigation text highlighter and rollover colour changed to improve colour contrast.
  • 4 culture values image changed to improve colour contrast


  • Work started to identify other accessibility issues and listed within our accessibility statement