The Data for Children Hub is a joint collaboration between UNICEF, The Scottish Government and Edinburgh University’s Data Driven Innovation Programme which seeks to improve outcomes for children in locally, nationally and globally. It draws on the strengths of all partners to bring insight and solve problems using data and data science techniques.

Using data to improve outcomes for children

The purpose of the Hub is to enable and deliver collaborations between academics, private sector and public sector that use data science to improve outcomes for children. The Hub aims to deliver a small number of projects, of varying size and complexity that will reveal actionable insights for children’s outcomes within its first year.

Who is involved?

UNICEF has engaged in a number of data collaboratives globally and wishes to expand on the outcomes that can be impacted via data capabilities. The Hub aims to provide access to a wider range of data and expertise across the public and private sectors as well as academia.


The Hub aims to deliver projects with actionable insights that will benefit children locally, nationally and globally in support of the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Projects will support all aspects of a child’s life and will seek to improve children’s outcomes and well-being.

The Scottish Government

By shedding new light on complex problems, the Scottish Government views the Hub as an important driver in improving outcomes for children, in line with the aims of our National Performance Framework and the aspirations of our Programme for Government. The Government is committed to playing its role in ensuring the Hub establishes ethical and promising collaborations that transform data into public good.

University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh old buildings

The University of Edinburgh wanted to be involved in the Data for Children Hub for a variety of reasons. Primarily, the University of Edinburgh wants to make a contribution to the well-being of children and sees this as opportunity to help key partners, UNICEF and the Scottish Government, to deliver this.
The project is also closely aligned to the skills, partnership and social inclusion objectives under University of Edinburgh’s commitment to the City Region Deal. Finally, the project themes will offer researchers a route to demonstrate real-world social impact from their work.



The Hub will being engaging academics from a number of different institutions to deliver project activity.


Start-up Funding

The Hub is funded jointly between The Scottish Government and Edinburgh University’s Data Driven Innovation Programme. This funding covers an initial 3 year period to establish successful output.

Philanthropic Funding

The Hub will be looking for alternative funding sources to support the ongoing delivery of key projects to improve outcomes for children through the use of innovative data science.


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