TORCH aims to enable businesses, who have developed a data strategy, to find the right data methods and technologies for them through engagement with The Data Lab experts and specialist supplier organisations.

TORCH Overview

TORCH is a new business advisory offering delivered by The Data Lab, which focuses on business to business collaboration, bringing together companies from all sectors with specialist data and data technology suppliers, to facilitate successful innovation using data and data technologies.

TORCH has been created in response to the challenges faced by many businesses when starting on their data journey. Businesses struggle to identify the appropriate approach to adopt, the resources required, and the optimal solution components to select. This leads to many data projects failing to complete and thus not delivering their anticipated benefits.

Our Executive Education service helps businesses start their data journey, TORCH aims to enable business to successfully take the next steps on their data journey by translating strategy into practical actions using the methods and technologies most suited to their needs.

TORCH will partner with Scottish based companies of all sizes which have proven expertise in delivering data driven solutions to enable client businesses to implement their data strategies.

The Data Lab plans to launch the TORCH service in April 2020

If you are a business keen to take the next steps on your data journey or a data or data technology supplier interested in partnering with TORCH please contact us at

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To express your interest or to find out more, please contact us.