TORCH Service Overview


TORCH Client Service Overview

TORCH aims to increase understanding and certainty for organisations that want to undertake projects, whilst reducing the risk of those early stages. The service gets your data strategy off the ground by providing neutral advice across the domains of people, process, data, and technology.

TORCH Service Overview

TORCH seeks to enables business who have started their data journey, but are struggling to identify the right methods or approach to go forward. The service also supports those who have perhaps already tried (and not succeeded) to get a data project off the ground.

TORCH supports by de-risking projects and helping businesses understand what they want to do and how they can do it. To do so, we engage with our experts and a network of specialist data technology suppliers within the Scottish eco-system.

Here, we explain the roadmap for TORCH clients, including timescales, processes and objectives. 


To express your interest or to find out more, please contact us.

The TORCH service allows you to lay the ground work for a (maybe your first) data project, which is only the beginning of your data strategy journey. The expertise you will receive from TORCH represents an investment in the early stages of your project with the aim of ensuring a successful implementation. The time spent with TORCH will be only a part of the time taken for your project overall.

Projects can be large and small. TORCH will focus on identifying an approach that will match client business’s requirements.

In the service overview below, we have highlighted approximate timescales for each stage of our support. These are estimates, and come with great flexibility to ensure individual needs of clients are met.

The full TORCH offering is a targeted, time-boxed service up to a maximum of 30 days. It is a chargeable service, with discounts for SME’s and start-ups. For information on pricing, you can contact us here.

We will provide neutral advice across the domains of people, process, data, and technology.

The TORCH service aims to increase understanding and certainty for organisations that want to undertake projects, whilst reducing the risk of those early stages. By investing effort into these initial phases, we aim to improve the quality of outcomes, provide better certain of cost and effort required and so reduce risks to the later (more expensive) stages of the project.
TORCH also looks to address challenges where clients perhaps don’t have the right skills or knowledge in house. Often, navigating the complex data technology and services marketplace is difficult, as can be finding the right resources, tools or components to move forward.

We review the following:

  • How can your business objective be achieved?
  • What efforts would be required?
  • What are the right vendors, products, services that might be required to support that?

TORCH has built a network of Scottish-based companies of all sizes that have proven expertise in delivering solutions, and we will partner with them to enable clients businesses to implement their data strategy.

TORCH provides 3 different offerings. You may wish to use all of them, however, businesses can cherry-pick the services that most suit them. We have tailored the TORCH service to be as flexible as possible, thinking about the impact and resources needed through each of the phases a project might run through.

There is no single right answer, the key for us is to find the best fit for each individual client. We will us proven
If you are unsure as to which TORCH services you need, we encourage you to get in touch so that we can learn more about your requirements. 

Helping organisations understand the outcome they want to achieve, and setting out the requirements to do so. We will work with you to produce with an assessment report to answer what it is you want to do, how and when.

Service 1 aims to confirm your data opportunity, the potential benefits, and identify options for achieving those benefits. We will confirm requirements, constraints, and assumptions. It’s also an opportunity to define the project framework and approach, to assess which solution partners (e.g. technology providers) could respond to your requirements.

Deliverables (typical): Assessment Report including:

  • High level requirements
  • Business outcome sought
  • Proposed delivery approach/roadmap
  • Proposed high level project plan
  • Resources
  • Indicative costs
  • Data sets required

Solution options are looked at in more detail by introducing you to relevant and suitable solution partners (across technology, people, process, data domains), as required.
TORCH can organise and facilitate scoping workshops, bringing you and identified solution partners together to validate requirements; demonstrate how they will be met by the solution partner’s offerings; and assess the suitability of each offering against the solution requirements.

TORCH can also facilitate Proofs of Concept (PoCs) and initial evaluations of the selected solution components. Alongside this, we can support whilst selecting the most appropriate solution components to deliver your data driven project(s).
As required, TORCH will provide advice in the refinement and confirmation of project scope. This can include review of your delivery approach/roadmap, project plans, resources and costs.

Deliverables (as required):

Scoping workshops – Detailing the suitability of each solution partner offering against project requirements. This reporting will include recommended next steps, for example, whether to undertake PoC.

Proofs of Concept (PoCs) – An assessment report including:

  • Technical architecture(s) tested
  • Test cases executed and result achieved
  • Lessons learned
  • Refined technical and data architecture

Once a partner/partners has been identified and you have started implementation, you may still require knowledgeable support as you go through the project. We will act as a critical friend to help oversee the execution of the project, supporting you to achieve success. TORCH can assist by:

  • Providing advice and oversight through the review of proposals submitted by your selected solutions partner.
  • Providing advice and oversight through the execution of your data driven project(s).

Deliverables (as required):

  • Participation in project meetings (as required)
  • Advice in writing (as required)

If you are a business keen to take the next steps on your data journey, or simply have further questions about the TORCH service, please contact us at