Funding postgraduate research


Funding postgraduate research

Get access to postgraduate students ready to apply what they are learning in an industry setting, through placements or collaborative research partnerships.  

If this is your first data science project, a summer MSc placement or an applied doctoral project might be the perfect way to get started. 

Get an MSc student

We are looking for companies with an idea for a project. This is a great opportunity for you to get access to a data scientist to tackle a real issue in your company.

Placement Projects will run for 10-12 weeks between the period of June to August. 

The placement programme is now closed to new organisations for this year but contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the programme:

Fund a doctoral student or applied project

The Data Lab co-funds industrial doctorate programmes at Scottish Universities, in collaboration with Scottish industry or public sector organisations. These industrial doctorates are designed to support the development of data science talent at a PhD / EngD level, while facilitating collaboration between industry and academia through applied research projects. 

If you are a Scottish-based organisation or an academic institution and you are interested in developing a data-driven Industrial Doctorate project, have a look at our current Industrial Doctorates Call for Funding.

We have a “project matching” service with a range of potential PhD / EngD projects suggested by academics from Scottish universities looking for industry partners.