Covid-19 response


Covid-19 response

We believe it is important to work together and coordinate the fight gainst Covid-19, by encouraging collaboration and innovation.

Covid-19 response at The Data Lab

We want to help in the fight against Covid-19 by using our connections with industry, public sector, third sector and academia across Scotland and internationally to encourage collaboration and innovation to find solutions to the current outbreak.

If you have a proposal that you would like us to support in some way please follow the link on the right of this page and let us know what you require. We are inundated with requests but will do our best to get to them all and assist in some way. If you are interested in donating your time in an effort to help contact us with your details and we will pair you up with a project that we think best fits your requirements.


Get in touch if you have any projects that you would like to see on this page, or if you would like to call for help with your project from the data science community.

Projects, resources, links, information

Find below a collection of projects, resources, links and information that we believe will be of interest to you. 

Get in touch if you have any projects that you would like to see on this page, or if you would like to call for help with your project from the data science community.

These projects are looking for your input

Scottish Tech Army

Our mission is to mobilise the Scottish tech community, applying the talents, creativity and commitment of its members to  rapid delivery of solutions to the immediate and ongoing problems we face.

Volunteers are being asked to register on the Scottish Tech Army website.
Volunteer recruitment consultants at Head Resourcing will then match skills to critical Covid-19 projects. Projects are being triaged and assessed for value and impact, technical feasibility, implementation effort and required skillsets by CivTech.

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No One Left Behind Digital Scotland: COVID-19

Join this effort to mobilise a national digital emergency response team (within a matter of weeks) to find, equip, train and support households who currently lack access to the internet at home (no broadband or mobile access and / or device) due to poverty and who are amongst the most vulnerable population groups.

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  • Join us on our online Slack community by emailing or email us directly to let us know how you think you can help.

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)

ENoLL would like to hear from you what is currently happening in your local ecosystems.

All your input will allow us to identify common needs so that we can work with you to define the next steps to work on solutions that can be applied everywhere.
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A call for Action:

Toward building the Data Infrastructure and Ecosystem we need to tackle pandemics and other dynamic societal and environmental threats.
Support the call to take 7 actions to make data collaboration systematic, sustainable and responsible in light of Covid-19

Bayes Centre Volunteer & Funding Calls

Calls for specific expertise and volunteers to help testing for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and to gain survey responses to further investigate the pandemic.

Please note some of the links are dedicated to The University of Edinburgh staff and/or students but some are also open to all so please do review.


Interesting reading

Useful links

Coronavirus Tech Handbook for Tech Communities

Technology communities and relevant tools to tackle the outbreak. This page covers forums, Hackathons, Tech volunteer coordination efforts, etc.

Join efforts to develop COVID-19 contact tracing using physical tokens

EIT Digital is looking for help with the creation of a low cost wristband that can be purchased from supermarkets or given out for free by Governments but will be anonymous.

Covid-19 Symptom Tracker

Self-report daily.  Help slow the outbreak. Identify those at risk sooner.

Covid-19 Demystified - online course

STEM & policy aspects of Covid-19 made simple in this free completely self-paced online course drawing knowledge from experts from around the world.