The Data Lab MSc – Funding call 20/21


The Data Lab MSc Programme Funding Call for 2020/2021

A funding call is now open for Scottish Universities to apply for funding for courses for the 2020/21 academic year.

The Data Lab MSc is a collaborative effort between The Data Lab and Scottish Universities, with the aim of developing talented data scientists and engineers to support the Scottish economy.

We are opening a call to Scottish Universities who want to apply to receive £6000 per student to cover MSc course tuition fees for the academic year 2020/21. Mainstream funding is provided by the SFC/ESF-DWS. Students must be based in Scotland or from the European Union. Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not eligible for funded studentships.

In addition to the mainstream funding, The Data Lab are pleased to announce a new partnership with Health Data Research UK, the national institute that aims to unite the UK’s health data to improve health care. With HDRUK we will provide funding for a number of additional (up to 10) scholarships in 2020/21 to be allocated to programmes in the Health Data Science domain. These scholarships are also only available to students based in Scotland or from the EU.

To be eligible to apply for The Data Lab MSc funding, courses must be ready for delivery to commence in 2020/21 and demonstrate a strong focus on data science, data engineering and/or AI. We welcome applications from specialist courses and non-STEM disciplines.

HDRUK Health Data Science scholarships

To be eligible to apply for the HDRUK Health Data Science scholarships, programmes must also demonstrate the following additional criteria:

  • core disciplinary components of mathematics, statistics and technologies all applied in the health context and to health data throughout;
  •  some interdisciplinary and ‘team-science’ components in their curriculum; and
  • consideration of the importance of patient and public involvement (PPI) and ethics when working with health data.

Further to the scholarships, The Data Lab MSc programme includes events for funded students designed to facilitate networking with the whole student cohort, data leaders, professionals and researchers; a cross-university, residential Innovation Challenge; sector specific employability and skills training; and the opportunity to undertake a paid industrial placement (optional in place of research project) in a Scottish organisation. Universities who are successful in the call are required to ensure that students participate fully in this programme.

The Data Lab’s mission is to help Scotland maximise value from data and lead the world to a data powered future.  We believe that how we do this is equally as important as the mission itself and this is why our culture and values are the heart of everything we do and we ask collaborators to follow these too. 

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