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The Data Lab MSc - Networking events

Welcome to The Data Lab MSc. We hope you have a great year!

The documents in this page outline your responsibilities as a Data Lab student, and provide guidance about the activities you will undertake throughout the year.

Networking events

Throughout the year we will run events which will connect you with your cohort, The Data Lab and key experts in the data industry including potential employers and academic leaders.  You will also meet some of The Data Lab MSc programme alumni to hear first-hand how their experience on the programme has enabled their career development.  The events will include Welcome and Closing events, as well as webinars on key data issues from industry and recruitment experts, and opportunities to meet potential employers in Scotland.  Some events may be offered twice to make sure that every student can access the networks.  

Students studying over two years
We expect that you attend The Launch Event in year one AND year two so that you can meet your cohort and make connections.   Usually students will then complete the rest of the core programme including the skills and employability element, and innovation week, in year two.  You may want to join some of the optional events during year one. 

Here is a timetable of events for the year, although this may be subject to change. 

Please read these documents carefully, as they provide guidance on your rights and responsibilities as part of The Data Lab MSc


For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us