The Data Lab MSc About You


The Data Lab MSc - About You

Welcome to The Data Lab MSc. We hope you have a great year!

The documents in this page outline your responsibilities as a Data Lab student, and provide guidance about the activities you will undertake throughout the year.

What does The Data Lab expect from you?

Commit to attend and engage with the programme

To get the full benefit from the course, we expect our students to attend our events. Core events are compulsory for all students. The Data Lab has created this programme exclusively for you with the help of industry leaders, academic experts and government to give YOU the skills that the industry deems essential to the modern data scientist.

Attendance at core events is mandatory and absence will only be excused if suitable notice is sent in advance using The Data Lab MSc Absence Form to explain non-attendance. There will be lots of opportunities for you to engage with The Data Lab and our partners and to grow your personal on-line profile and networks. Read some of the testimonials and blogs to get a flavour of how the programme has enhanced the career opportunities for our recent graduates.

You should expect to be available for a maximum of 13 working days to attend the events and training offered by the programme. Events will be on-line, and in some cases scheduled for part-days. The commitment for the Innovation Challenge event is a maximum of 7 working days.

Follow The Student Code of Conduct

You should now read The Student Code of Conduct.

Privacy Notice

You should now read our Privacy Notice.

Stay in touch

We are here to help you make the most of The Data Lab MSc programme. Keep in contact with us and your cohort using these links.

Finally, about YOU!

In order to complete the registration process, please ensure you have read this enrolment pack which includes The Data Lab MSc Handbook, The Student Code of Conduct and the Student Privacy Notice. You are now required to complete and submit  this short questionnaire. You will not be registered onto The Data Lab MSc programme until you have submitted the questionnaire and failure to do so may result in withdrawal of your scholarship funding.

Please read these documents carefully, as they provide guidance on your rights and responsibilities as part of The Data Lab MSc


For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us