Introduction to Data for Business Leaders – National Services Scotland


Introduction to Data for Business Leaders
- National Services Scotland

An interview with Jonathan Cameron of National Services Scotland

In our Introduction to Data for Business Leaders on-line course, I asked Jonathan Cameron, Head of Service (Strategic Development) at National Services Scotland, the shared services arm of the NHS in Scotland, if he could give us an overview of the delayed discharge project. The following is additional content to build on what was discussed in the course.

I asked Jonathan about employee reactions and investment prioritisation.

Q: What was the employee reaction to the project?

Q: Funding is often a challenge, for people struggling to justify that initial investment, what advice would you give them?

From an investment perspective, I found it interesting to hear Jonathan’s views on balancing patient and financial outcomes. I also really like Jonathan’s comment on helping staff to embrace change.

I also asked Jonathan about challenges he faced rolling out the solution.

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced rolling out the solution, and how did you overcome them?

I really like Jonathan’s observation about 80% of the work being in set-up: agreeing scope, getting the data and finding the right tools.

It’s also great advice to reach out to your wider community for help. This is where The Data Lab can also help by connecting you into our network.