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We work with industry to make sure people across sectors have the opportunity to gain the skills they need to apply ground breaking data science in the real world. 

Many of the new data science technologies are less than five years old and most companies are unaware of the latest trends and developments.


To express your interest or to find out more, please contact us. In-house customised programmes are also available on request.
We are always looking for data scientists and data leaders from our Scottish wide community to participate as mentors and/or panel members. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.

We offer the following “on-demand” programmes, which can be adapted to your organisation’s needs:

The Data Era – A 60 Minutes Leadership Primer

An interactive session that discusses either the Data Era or A.I., some of the biggest changes we are living through today, by sharing examples of what others have achieved and how this may apply to you.

The Data Era conversation is based around 3 questions:

  1. Should I be worried about Big Data, Data Science and all the hype surrounding Artificial intelligence?
  2. What’s the business value of all that stuff?
  3. Why do I need people if the robots are going to take all the jobs?

Through case studies and discussion, we will explore:

  • The Data Era and how it’s already happening to you.
  • Data Science and Machine Learning as two ways to respond to this opportunity.
  • Finding a business differentiator and pilot to get started.
  • Data skills and the leadership skills required to drive change within your organisation & team.

This is not a deeply technical discussion, this about how you practically apply leadership to drive value from data.

Find out more (A.I) – The conversation is based around 3 questions:

  1. How will jobs be affected by A.I.?
  2. What actually is A.I.? And what’s not A.I.?
  3. Are the robots going to take over the world?

Through case studies and discussion, we will briefly explore:

  • A.I. hype and A.I. reality.
  • The ethics of A.I.
  • How organisations use A.I. to drive value.

Driving Value from Data

This interactive one-day workshop takes you beyond the hype surrounding Big Data by demonstrating how you can drive value for your business through the better use of data. This Workshop is all about making an immediate business impact with data.

The business world is awash with buzzwords where many are to do with ‘going digital’ and the use of data. It can seem overwhelming at times as we navigate through the noise to find out what is important and what is just a rebranding of last year’s ideas. In the process of either being enthralled or intimated by these trends, we can often lose sight of the fundamental question: “How do I drive business value from this?” and “Where do I start…without spending too much money?”.

What it is: This Workshop is all about making an immediate business impact with data.

What it’s not: it’s not a Data Architecture deep dive; it’s not product or vendor sponsored; it’s not an IT deep dive.

To find out more about the content of this workshop, please see our flyer here.

Bespoke Packages

We can tailor our workshops to cover the content of your choosing from our selection of modules and primers. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

New course launching soon:

Driving Business Value from Data and AI

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • describe how organisations use data and AI to drive value
  • identify and classify data and AI opportunities within your own organisation.
  • summarise the main challenges organisations face.
  • begin to justify the investment required within your own organisation.

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