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Content guide

We believe that developing a data-driven mind is essential. It is not until you understand how data works, that you realise the vast range of applications it offers, sometimes in places that you could never have imagined.

Some real life case studies

We want to provide you with some material that you can share with your students to develop a data driven mind and to create a good atmosphere for discussion and understanding. We have included some of the recent projects (Case Studies) The Data Lab and other companies have been working on to showcase the wide variety of subject areas that are using Data Science.

Not all students will become Data Scientists, but by “planting the seed” early on in their secondary school life, it is hoped that some will consider a career in this field (in some way or other), as it is becoming a key area in a wide range of job disciplines.

Please feel free to use all the links and information as you wish. There is nothing that cannot be viewed by the pupils, only that in the teachers section, items are a bit more in-depth and some are “teacher centred”.

Go to real life case studies

After viewing (either independently/in small groups or as a whole class) students can be encouraged to discuss:

  • the original use;
  • how it was solved;
  • other issues it can be used for;
  • do they see any problems it might cause.

Other areas for discussion could be when you see a news item that has used data in its evidence:

  • who was asked;
  • what was asked;
  • how was it interpreted;
  • why do we care.

The process of developing a data driven mind: