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The world of Data Science is growing rapidly.

Data is everywhere and so are its uses and applications.

It's time to inspire!

School students need to be aware of the wide ranging uses of data in our lives today in order for them to get engaged/interested in pursuing a career in this field.

There is a fast growing market for people to work in this industry and The Data Lab realise there will be a skills shortage unless there is a healthy flow of students from schools coming through Universities to take up these exciting positions in a vast range of companies in Scotland and across the world.

It is vital that students are made aware (early on in their Secondary School life) of all the ways that data is used, either in the hope that they will choose a career in data science, or that they be made aware of the good uses that it is being put to and how it affects our daily lives.

Our aim through this portal is to showcase some of the ways in which data science is changing people’s lives  for the better and to help busy Secondary teachers  by providing resources that will help them to learn more about data science and improve their background understanding of how to communicate to children about data science. We also provide resources that can be used in lessons, and also a wide array of videos, real life case studies and interactive activities that students can explore.

This site can be easily used by: 
Business Studies/Computing/Maths/Modern Studies students/Geography

Structure of the material

The website is divided into two portals: Pupils Portal and Teachers Portal. All the case studies, activities and videos to work in the classroom are available in the Pupils Portal so that the material is easily accessible for students. And the narratives, explanation and information of the materials are displayed at the Teachers Portal.

We have created 3 fully formed Lesson Plans for you to use (more will be added).  They include a Lesson Plan, Powerpoint and Documents to download (suggested answers to questions and handouts) . Duration approx. 50 mins each.

Have you heard about the STATWARS® competition?

Delve into the data-depths of films and TV shows to enhance your students’ mathematics, critical thinking and data skills. Pupils work in teams to analyse a large dataset of TV shows and films to produce an infographic poster, an advertisement poster and a 60-sec pitch. Find out more


We’d love to hear from you with feedback, comments or suggestions about our Data Science for Schools resource.