Interactive activities

Try it for yourself!

Data is collected in many forms and it is important to be able to see clearly what information it is giving us.

A graph may not always be the best way to display the information.

The following links are interactive and can be used to show you different ways of showing the data that has been gathered.

Please “play” around with them and see what you can find out.

Note: Share Town, BBC on and off Screen Talent may need to be opened in a different browser if it doesn’t open. Just copy the “link” at the top of the page (https:/ etc) and copy it into a different browser.

London tube

What does the London’s busy Underground system look like?

Data Detox Kit – Learn the Essentials

Tips and Techniques to help you control your digital privacy, security and wellbeing in ways that feel right for you.

Harry Potter

Explore the relationship between all the Harry Potter characters.

Share Town - NESTA

An imaginary town created to explore a preferred future for the way citizens, technology and local government live and work together.

Baby name trends

Play around and discover how the popularity of a name has changed over the years.

Measuring the BBC's support for on-screen talent

How often did BAFTA nominations appear on the BBC in 2014?

The off-screen talent network supported by the BBC

The BBC supports a large network of off-screen talent.