Taxi VS Bus


Real life case studies

Interesting examples where data science is being used in real life situations to provide insight, help with making important decisions and improve lives.

Taxi vs Bus

The Challenge

Scottish Council wanted to produce a VISUALISATION of their transport service, displaying the variations and TRAFFIC FLOW

The aim was to explore and identify areas of particular activity to provide some insight into how TRANSPORT SERVICE COULD BE IMPROVED

The Data Solution

The APP asks the user to enter: Year/Quarter/Week/Day/Time and then shows plotted routes (lines) on a map of the area: the more the journeys, the thicker the lines appear, showing the “hot spots”

DATA CLEANING work was carried out, transforming taxi companies data into R code, to be able to use it in a specially designed app,

The Impact

This provides the council with some insight to make INFORMED DECISIONS on whether putting a bus service in place rather than subsidising the taxi service

Practical Approach

– What times do you think would be “hot spots”?

– What other uses could this app be used for (using different data)?