Smart Houses


Real life case studies

Interesting examples where data science is being used in real life situations to provide insight, help with making important decisions and improve lives.

Smart Houses

How does the FITsense system work?

A system with sensors collects data inside the house.

Learns activities and routines to assist with them.

Focuses on the ones that are pre-cursors to falls to predict and prevent them.

Provides tenants with well-being and allows them to remain independent for as long as possible in their own houses

Practical approach

We now invite you to discuss these pairs of concepts. You can use these questions to discuss each of the pairs of words: “What is the main relation between both concepts?”, “Why is the use of data essential here?”

  • Technology and supported living
  • Sensors and monitoring health
  • Collect data and predict falls
  • Independence and wellness

For example, if discussing the “technology and supported living” pair of concepts with the question “What is the main relation between both concepts?”, we could say that the main relation about both concepts is that this technology is a huge step for supported living because it allows us to make a personalized assistance and meet the needs of each tenant. Why? Because it creates a data base with the activities and routines of the tenant, which is based on the needs of each person.