Olly the Robot


Real life case studies

Interesting examples where data science is being used in real life situations to provide insight, help with making important decisions and improve lives.

Olly the Robot

What makes Olly special?

1. Develops an unique personality to connect perfectly with you.

2. Answers your questions even before you ask them.

3. Remembers your routines and assists you with them.

4. Recognizes your mood and acts consequently.

How is this possible?

Answer these questions:

  • What is the fact that most caught your eye about Olly?
  • Olly is able to adapt and react to different real life situations. What applicability do you think this could have in the future?
  • Olly is able to recognize user’s emotions. Do you think robots will ever have emotions or be able to love?
  • Do you think people will have robots as companions, instead of a pet?