Football Player Value Indicator


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Football Player Value Indicator

Most people have a vague idea how how good a particular footballer is, but how exactly could we quantify/prove this?

There is so much data that identifying meaningful messages becomes a daunting challenge. And with the amount of deals made in the football industry, having a tool that provided “best fit” between a club and a footballer is invaluable as it can save/win considerable amounts of money to either of the sides.

The “indicator” below provides a footballer’s ranking. Thus making the business of “Football” a more measurable and transparent environment. This of course can be used for any Sportsperson.

Practical approach

Check for yourself!

What does your ideal football player (or other) have?

To start, you need to work out what criteria to use to define what makes an ideal footballer eg. Scored Goals, received individual awards, engagement with fans

Using the internet, check out the answers to your criteria identified. eg Which players scored more goals, which player received the most awards and who has the most followers on social media profiles.

You can also analyse the number of followers in Instagram, the number of publications per week and the average number of “likes” in photos over a week.

You can make a simple bar graph to show your answers. Names down one side, the number of goals and other criteria on the other etc.