An R-based app for exploring traffic accidents


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An R-based app for exploring traffic accidents in Scotland

The UK government collects information about traffic accidents across the country. This data is publicly available on the government’s open data.

But although available, it was not easily accessible and so valuable for everyone.

Data cleaning and processing work was carried out to get information ready to use.

The gathered information was then displayed  in an app to give everyone the opportunity to explore the data in a dynamic way.

Try out the app

You can freely access the Traffic Accidents app and give it a try! (Note: it can take some time to load and reload when you make changes)

The app enables the user to discover things like: how accidents are distributed across different hours within a day, which is the most accident defer between a work day and a Sunday. One of the main features of the app is that it also lets you compare different areas and time periods, so feel free to play around with the controls to make the best out of it.

Practical approach

Choose some cities and play around with the app to find out which is the best time of the week (when the least traffic accidents happen), and in contrast, what is the time of the week when the most traffic accidents happen in each of the cities you have chosen. 

After that, make a comparison between those cities and see what the main similarities and differences are.