Real Life Case Studies


Real life case studies

Interesting examples where data science is being used in real life situations to provide insight, help with making important decisions and improve lives.

Data is everywhere! Even in places you could have never imagined.

Go through these real life case studies to get a flavour of what data is being used for right now. Some you may know, but others may surprise you!

Get immersed in the fascinating world of Data Science. 

Olly the Robot

Meet Olly, the first robot with personality!

Albyn Housing: Living Independently for Longer

Learn about the clever system that allows people live independently in their own house for longer.

Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic

Watch Dr Hannah Fry's citizen experiment using mobile phones to simulate the spreading of a pandemic in the UK. Length: 1 hour

Football Player Value Indicator

Discover how data can tell you the exact value of your favourite fooball player!

Customised Shopping - Online returns

Do you know how customer data can be used to customize online shopping? Click here to discover.

Preserving a Nation's Digital Map Heritage

Find out about the solution to ensure the preservation of the nation's published output by future generations.

An R-based app for exploring traffic accidents

Discover and play around with the app that explores traffic accidents in Scotland.

Supporting Land Referencing for Rail Infrastructure Improvement

Find out about this app to solve land referencing problem for Scotland's Rail Infrastructure.

Taxi v Bus

Getting insight from an app to improve the public transport