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PR Archive

Enjoy browsing the pick of the press articles that have been written about our work and successes in bringing social and economic benefits to Scotland through getting value from data, plus other interesting articles on data science.

Below you will find some of the best articles from each month that have been written about The Data Lab and our work within Scotland’s data science community.

Press articles from 2020

The Herald: Water of life: Regenerating Glasgow’s decaying canal has cut the death rate

For decades, the Clyde and Forth Canal was a place to be avoided, but
after huge investment, it was regenerated and re-opened in 2001.

Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University have found that the death rate in neighbouring communities has lowered since the canal was regenerated.

The groundbreaking findings, which are the first of their kind globally, also show that the waterway has helped to reduce the gap between deprived and affluent communities and has had a positive impact on health.

Digit: The Data Lab Online Course to Help Managers Use Data Effectively

The Data Lab is set to launch a second run of its online data training courses, aiding businesses across all industries to use data and AI to improve day-to-day operations.

The course, named ‘Driving Value from Data’ is free to all applicants and shows business leaders how data can add value to their organisation whilst gaining the skills to introduce data techniques into their operations, particularly for those setting up data capabilities for the first time.

Press articles from 2019

Data-Driven Innovation’s Women in Data: various interviews

The Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Women in Data campaign showcases the rich landscape of women working with data science, technology, innovation and related roles in Scotland’s booming data science and technology sectors. Some of our inspiring women took part in the Women in Data campaign and were interviewed about their leadership roles at Scotland’s Innovation Centre for data and AI and their views on gender equality in the field.

Digit: The Data Lab Appointed to Lead Scottish Government AI Strategy

The Data Lab has been selected by the Scottish Government to lead the development of a new national strategy on artificial intelligence (AI). The strategy aims to unlock an additional £13 billion in economic output and drive the use of AI to improve citizens wellbeing across Scotland. Development will be “open and transparent” so as to ensure that as many people as possible can contribute, The Data Lab said. Additionally, benefits to individual citizens will form a “core guiding principle” of the strategy.

Digit: Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF Confirms First Projects

The Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF has officially launched in Scotland, with a series of projects set to explore how data can be used to improve the lives of children at home and abroad.  Three initial projects will examine how data can deliver new ways of tackling childhood obesity, address child poverty and improve child population estimates locally, nationally and globally.

The Herald: The robots are coming…to create jobs and opportunities

A recent study by the Bank of England estimated in the UK, 15 million jobs could be ‘at risk’ of automation. Gillian Docherty challenges the use of the phrase ‘at risk’ and thinks we should be focusing on the new opportunities being created.

Daily Business Group: Tunnock, Crerar and Docherty among Queen’s honours

Business leaders were among those recognised in the Queen’s Birthday honours… Data science leader Gillian Docherty of the Data Lab, received an OBE and there is a knighthood for the MP Brian Donohoe.

FutureScot: ‘Data-driven innovation has potential to deliver great benefits’ says Nicola Sturgeon

The First Minister was addressing delegates today in Edinburgh on the first day of Data Summit, the two-day international conference that forms part of the two-week long data innovation festival, DataFest19.
“Data-driven innovation has the potential to deliver great benefits to Scottish businesses and our economy more widely,” said Sturgeon.

FutureScot: Ten international experts announced for Data Summit

Ten experts in data science, including the BBC’s ‘face of space’ Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, have been announced as speakers at Data Summit, the two-day international conference that forms part of the data innovation festival, DataFest19, being held in Scotland this March.

Press articles from 2018

BQLive: The Data Lab secures £13.5M funding

Scotland’s data innovation centre, The Data Lab, has secured up to £13.5m funding from Scottish Government to boost its economic impact and create jobs.

The announcement follows the data innovation centre’s success during its first phase of activity, in which it established Scotland as an international data science hub.

Insider: DataFest18 ‘shows Scotland is proving its strong position in growing global data market’

Scotland is proving its strong position in the growing global data market following a series of events across the country, figures have revealed.

DataFest18, billed as a “celebration of data-driven innovation”, saw 3,000 people take part in 47 events across seven towns and cities in Scotland.

Insider: DataFest18 ‘shows Scotland is proving its strong position in growing global data market’

That is why at The Data Lab, we do everything in our power to help Scotland realise the full potential of data. We enable industry, public sector and world-class university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities in a collaborative environment. Our core mission is to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from data… read more