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Prof Mahmood Adil, Medical Director: Information Services Division (Scotland) & Health Protection Scotland, NHS NSS

Prof Mahmood Adil has 25 years of medical, public health and executive management experience in the NHS and USA. His current remit is to oversee the health intelligence and health protection functions of Scotland. He provides professional leadership in utilising the most comprehensive national health data, digital and informatics capability to improve broad ranging clinical outcomes and delivering effective patient and population health services. He is Honorary Professor of Health Intelligence & Service Effectiveness (University of Glasgow), Visiting Professor of International Health (University of Strathclyde), Clinical Data & Intelligence Lead (Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh) and National Clinical Informatics Lead (Digital Health & Care Institute, Scotland). He is an alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School, Institute of Healthcare Improvement (USA), Yale School of Public Health and European Hospital & Healthcare Federation. He has postgraduate qualifications in medicine, paediatrics, public health, economics, management and health informatics fields. He has a demonstrable track record of comprehensively measuring, regulating and improving healthcare quality and been adviser to a number of countries and organisations globally.

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Mahmood Adil

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