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Euan Gardner, Senior Information Development Manager Strategic Development Team, NHS NSS

Euan initially studied Psychology where he applied deep learning to EEG data for controlling a text to speech system, having taught himself Machine Learning and Python programming.

He now works full time in a data science team in the NHS NSS specialising in machine learning and data driven solutions. His current focus is on delivering and improving the Synthetic Data System (SDS) python library for large scale synthetic medical data. He also analyses food poverty data for effective interventions.

In his spare time I research Artificial Intelligence based optimisation responses to Influenza outbreaks to try and get a PhD. He also plays guitar and pets as many dogs as he can.

If you’re interested in synthetic data and what this could mean for you and your business this one’s for one. A little bit more technical than our usual podcasts, however still explanations of new terminology are throughout.

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Euan Gardner

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