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Through their range of digital training courses Codeclan are helping to transform the careers of 100s of professionals across Scotland and delivering a steady pipeline of talent to their growing network of employer partners. The rapidly evolving digital industry impacts almost every sector in Scotland. Codeclan take care to understand the skills that are sought by employers across the country and the technologies that are changing businesses every day. There’s a skills shortage now and Codeclan aren’t wasting any time. They’re transforming careers in days, weeks and months – not years – through immersive courses and shorter upskilling courses. Immersive courses and employer partner programme provide job opportunities for around 400 graduates every year. They’re creating real impact and delivering immediate value to Scotland’s growing digital economy.

In this episode we speak to some of the team at Codeclan and learn how it all works, right from the beginnings of curating a course to where students can expect to end up working with their vast relationships with employers across Scotland. If you’re interested in upskilling, or a change in career be sure to tune in.

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