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World class data science ‘Boot Camp’ launched in UK

We are delighted to launch the first Data Lab professional development boot camp in collaboration with The Data Incubator, a leading US data science training organisation led by Michael Li, a former NASA analyst whose US-based courses are ‘harder to get into than Harvard’. Scotland’s first ever Data ‘Boot Camp’ will be delivered this September to upskill employees with raw analytical grounding into bona fide data scientists.

The boot camp will be an intensive three week programme, starting on Monday 12th September in Edinburgh. Each week will cover a different module in the following areas:

  1. Introduction to data science: Development and application of skills in data manipulation and processing used in data science through the Python programming language and core libraries such as panda, numpy and matplotlib.
  2. Introduction to machine learning: Development and application of skills in regression, classification, model evaluation metrics, overfitting, variance versus bias, ensemble methods, model selection and hyper parameter optimisation. Python will be used with key libraries such as scikit-learn.
  3. Visualisation: Development and application of tools for data exploration and presentation including Python libraries (matplotlib, seaborn), d3.js and end to end dashboard analytics libraries such as bokeh and pyxley.

The programme has a strong focus and weighting on developing practical application skills in a collaborative environment, building on key taught content. Each module will build upon the concepts of the previous one; however you can sign up to take an individual module.

The programme has been developed by Michael Li, and will be delivered in Edinburgh by Ariel M’ndange-Pfupfu, Data Scientist in Residence at The Data Incubator. Ariel is a PhD engineer turned data scientist who is passionate about the importance of thoughtful data science and data education for both practitioners and stakeholders. He loves looking at data and figuring out what is meaningful and what is not, whether that involves statistics, machine learning, or simply a change of perspective. Ariel is also a former a fellow in the third class of The Data Incubator, a highly selective data science fellowship for PhDs in STEM fields.

Fore more information, read our online brochure, and the detailed syllabus of the Boot Camp programme.

To apply, please complete the application form and send it to

We are pleased to offer group and public sector discounts. Contact us to find out more.

Win a free place at The Data Lab Boot Camp thanks to MBN Solutions

Just send a video telling us how you will benefit from the course. The best video will win a free space, sponsored by MBN Solutions.

Your video should be maximum two minutes and include:

  • Your current role and experience
  • Why you want to take part in the course
  • Why you believe improving your skills in data science is important
  • How you hope to use the skills you will learn in the course to improve your work
  • What impact do you expect to achieve for your organisation as a result of your skills

To enter the competition, upload your video to YouTube and send us a link to skills@thedatalab.comby 12th August (No need to make it fancy, a phone camera will do!)

* By entering the competition you agree for your video to be used by The Data Lab and MBN Solutions for promotional purposes.

About The Data Incubator

The Data Incubator is data science education company based in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco with both corporate training and hiring offerings. They leverage real world business cases to offer customized, in-house training solutions in data and analytics. They also offer partners the opportunity to hire from their 8 week fellowship training PhDs to become data scientists. The fellowship selects 2% of its 2000+ quarterly applicants and is free for fellows. Hiring companies (including EBay, Capital One, AIG, and Genentech) pay a recruiting fee only if they successfully hire. You can read more about The Data Incubator on Harvard Business Review, VentureBeat, or The Next Web, or read about their alumni at Palantir or the NYTimes.

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