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The first post-graduate conversion programme in Artificial Intelligence with Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University introduces the first post-graduate conversion programme in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This programme targets highly qualified graduates from non-computer science backgrounds who wish to make the transition into AI.

The inter-disciplinary nature of AI means that it is a field that is naturally of interest to graduates from non-CS backgrounds such as mathematics, linguistics, psychology, cognitive science and engineering disciplines (in fact, many university researchers and industrial leaders in AI have come from such backgrounds). However, the necessity for a graduate from a non-CS background to quickly acquire the computer science skills required to work in this area can put some graduates off making the move into AI. Heriot-Watt provides a 2-year integrated Masters programme which is tailored to the needs of graduates from non-CS backgrounds who wish to make the transition into AI.

Perfect for graduates from non Computer Science backgrounds

We have chosen to design this programme so that graduates can gain a firm foundation in Year 1 in the computer science skills needed in AI and then can progress and engage fully and confidently in a programme of study in Year 2 that is aligned with our current 1-year MSc in AI (rather than designing an unsatisfactory 1-year “conversion” MSc programme which would not be able to get students to the level of expertise expected by industry from PGT graduates in AI).

This programme is prompted by a recent governmental report on “Growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK” (released 15 Oct 2017), which recommends that “Universities should explore the potential demand for […] conversion Masters degrees in AI for graduates in subjects other than computing and data science”.

We currently offer 6 scholarships funded by the DataLab for students to study on this programme. We especially encourage female students and students from other minorities to apply.

Find out more about this and our other MSc courses.

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