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The Data Lab Starts Publishing Technical Content

The Data Lab is excited to announce new channels for technical content as we continue on our mission to engage with and inform the Scottish data science community. The two main vehicles for this output are regular blogposts together with podcast interviews, delivered by our Data Team.

The articles we plan to publish will cover all aspects of data science. To give just a few illustrations there will be: thought-leadership pieces, coding examples, reviews of books and conferences, and technical how-to guides. All code published will be maintained in a linked GitHub account to allow readers to use and develop the examples given.

Podcasts with luminaries from the Scottish data science scene will seek to inform and stimulate discussion. In these interviews we will find out more about their backgrounds, what they do day-to-day in their roles, their opinions on trends and tools, as well as advice for those wishing to embark upon a career in data science.

We aim to publish blogposts once a week and upload a new podcast each month. If we’ve got more to say, though, we’ll let you know!

The Data Lab’s technical blog can be found either by following the link at the top of our homepage under “News & Blog”, or by going directly to Please sign up using the Subscription link there to make sure you are informed when new articles are published. All code examples can be found at The podcasts are hosted by Podbean at The Podbean app is a convenient way to download the podcasts and listen to them at your leisure. Please follow the channel to ensure you are made aware of any new interviews.

One of the three central pillars of The Data Lab is to provide “Community Building” throughout the Scottish data science network. To date we have done this very successfully via a partnership with MBN Solutions in hosting a Data Science & Technology Meetup (, and we have also run a series of Workshops and Masterclasses to help improve technical capabilities across the country. The blogposts and podcasts will continue in this tradition of informing and educating those interested in data science, be they data scientists themselves or others who work in related areas.

The Data Lab’s Data Team is led by Brian Hills. Brian has run three data teams over a career spanning almost twenty years, at HP, Sumerian, and Skyscanner. The Data Team members and content contributors are resident data scientists Dr Richard Carter, Dr Matthew Higgs, and Caterina Constantinescu. For more information on the backgrounds of each individual please follow their respective links.

We would love for you to get involved with this new content in a variety of ways. Please leave comments and feedback so that we can spark discussion in the Scottish data science community, and also tell us if there are any topics you would like us to cover at a later date. Also it would be great to receive contributions from our readers, so if you have a burning desire to post a blog or be interviewed for a podcast please let us know.

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