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The Data Lab is offering 5 free exhibition spaces at Big Data Scotland 2015

The Big Data Scotland 2015 conference will bring together business leaders and technologists from across the country to explore the value of Big Data analytics. The conference will consider technological developments, market trends and business strategy; showcasing innovative examples of analytics being used effectively across a range of practical applications. The event will also offer a unique opportunity for technologists to come together for knowledge exchange, networking and debate. Big Data Scotland is organised by ScotTech Engagement in association with The Data Lab.

This year, The Data Lab is proud to offer 5 free exhibition spaces for our Data Science community, particularly start-ups, incubators, and organisations that are currently in an R&D stage or are not yet in a position to afford an exhibition space; to give them the opportunity to share their innovative products and services with the event atendees. To take advantage of this great opportunity, please fill this online form, and tell us why you think you should be awarded one of the free stands. Applications close on Friday 20 November at 5:00pm BST.

We hope to see you at the event. Good luck!

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