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Scotland has the potential to become the world's data capital

Team Scotland video – Data Innovation in Scotland

Over the past number of years we have seen an increased focus on data. From board rooms to living rooms and everywhere in between, data is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Earlier in the year we interviewed members of the data community from all over Scotland. Our aim is to highlight the depth and breadth of the community here; how people from every industry are affected by and involved in data.

Watch the video now:

Scotland is one of the leading countries in data innovation

Scotland has gone from strength to strength in this field and is now one of the leading countries in data innovation. As a nation, we have worked together to get to this point. The data community in Scotland is expanding by the day and shows no signs of slowing. Every year we see new jobs, university courses, and events pop up all related to data.

But how did we get here?

We decided to hit the road and meet some of the people involved in using and promoting data in their workplaces and communities. We hear from people based all over Scotland on what data means to them and how Scotland can become the data capital of the world.

#TeamScotland #ScotlandIsNow


Many thanks to all those who gave their time and took part in the video, including Graeme Gordon, David Ovens, Lorraine Bryce, Josie Saunders, Udrafter, NCR Corporation, Ruth Falconer, Scottish Enterprise, IFB Ltd, RBS and Scottish Canals, to name but a few.


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