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Support The Data Lab MSc Innovation Week

We can help you solve problems

The Data Lab Msc Innovation week is a week-long opportunity for organisations to work with 130 data scientists and tackle issues that have a real impact on Scotland. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Submit a persistent business challenge that the students can respond to.
  • Submit datasets that they can explore and interrogate.
  • Sponsor the event.


How you can support The Data Lab MSc Innovation Week

Submit a business challenge

We’ll work with you to identify and develop challenges that will make a difference to your organisation and pique participants’ interest.

We’ll gather relevant datasets
These will shed light on the challenge, identifying causes, barriers and most importantly opportunities. Submit your data if you have any.

Work with 130 data scientists
During the Innovation Week, we’ll work with you, data scientists, and designers to explore innovative solutions.

IP and recruitment
You will be able to work with the students to define intellectual property ownership of the solutions. Furthermore, you will be able to work first-hand with potential recruits.

What makes a good challenge?

  • It describes a problem, an opportunity, or a barrier.
  • It doesn’t predict the solution.
  • It catches people’s attention.
  • It is persistent and difficult to crack.
  • Yet, if it were solved, we would see the difference.
  • We would be able to measure a solution’s impact.
  • We have evidence that it is a real challenge.
  • We can explain it simply at a high level so that participants can grasp the challenge.

For more information, you can download our brochure or contact our Skills Manager, Joshua Ryan-Saha.


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