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SICSA DemoFest 2017: Bringing Research to Life

Guest post by Steven Kendrick, Executive Officer at SICSA

I’m constantly amazed by the innovative research taking place at our 14 member institutions. I think a great many of us tend to take for granted the digital systems we rely on from the moment we get up until the time we go to bed; and given the prevalence of technology in our daily lives and the exponential growth of the sector, Informatics and Computer Science research has never been more relevant to us. It’s fair to say that our researchers are working on problems that can be applied to every aspect of our society.

Here at SICSA, we think it’s essential that our research doesn’t exist within a bubble “ locked away behind the doors of our Universities. For many of our researchers, it is highly important that they can find opportunities to apply their research in real-world scenarios and this can take many forms “ from involving the public in experiments; to collaborative work with the commercial or public sectors; or starting off a successful new business and launching a world-changing product.

To help facilitate these interactions, SICSA runs DemoFest each autumn, in collaboration with ScotlandIS (Scotland’s trade body for ICT). This flagship event comprises a large space, in one of our great cities, crammed full of the best of current Scottish Computer Science and Informatics research and technology; together with over 250 academics, technologists and businesses, all exchanging ideas and opportunities.

First and foremost, DemoFest is fun. But it’s also a great opportunity for your business or organisation to come along and get behind the doors of the Scottish institutions and witness research that is at the cutting-edge. Our 50 exhibitors will talk about their research, tell you why it’s important to your organisation, and demonstrate their technology working in real-time. There’ll be some high profile keynotes this year on hot topics (such as security, data analytics, and improving the user experience), and we’ll also see involvement from the Scottish Innovation Centres (including The Data Lab!) and other important stakeholders in this space.

This year’s event will be held at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on 3rd October 2017 from 4-7pm. You can find out more, register and view our DemoFest film at

You can also find out more about our other events, our research and funding programmes at, or by emailing me at

Steven Kendrick is the Executive Officer for the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA), which represents all 14 Scottish HE Computing Schools/Departments. Steven is responsible for all aspects of the operational management of the Research Pool.

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