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School girls round laptop being instructed by adult at Women in Data Science event

Our Data Science for Schools portal: helping teachers bring data science to schools

We have launched our Data Science for Schools portal to help teachers introduce data science to Secondary school children.

We want to help busy Secondary teachers by providing resources that will help them to learn more about data science and improve their background understanding of how to communicate to children about data science, plus providing resources that they can use in lessons, and also a wide array of videos, real life case studies and interactive activities that their students can explore.

We hope that by making school students aware of the wide ranging uses of data in our lives today, we get them engaged in thinking about data science and perhaps interested in pursuing a career in this field.

There is a fast growing market for people to work in this industry and we believe there will be a skills shortage unless there is a healthy flow of students from schools coming through Universities to take up these exciting positions in a vast range of companies in Scotland and across the world.

Even for those who don’t want to be a data scientist, understanding data science and how it can affect their daily lives is still important.

Check out our Data Science for Schools portal now – it’s time to inspire!

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