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New Data Science Podcast, AI Right?, from MBN

There’s a new data science podcast out, launched by MBN Solutions, a data science and technology recruitment company that we work with for our MSc programme


The new monthly podcast, AI Right?, will explore industry news and what it means for data scientists.

MBN’s Associate Director, Kris McFadyen will be hosting and will be joined by data science experts Andy McMahon (Data Scientist of the Year at the 2019 international Data Science Awards) and Megan Stamper (a media industry data scientist). The trio want to make data science as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.

“With AI Right? we hope to create a show that’s easily accessible to anyone that wants to join the data science industry, while still informing industry veterans,” says McFadyen. “The industry expertise of Andy and Megan brings an extra layer to the show – they’re on the frontlines and know the impacts and benefits of the topics we discuss.”

AI Right?  intends to make data science as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible

The show will have a roundtable format and will bring together industry and recruitment expertise to help data scientists (and those interested in careers in the space) engage more easily with the field.

“We have an opportunity here to bring data science insight and expertise not just to industry veterans but to Scotland as a whole,” says Stamper, who has a PhD in oceanographic fluid mechanics and works as Principal Data Scientist on recommendation engines and conversational AI in media.

“Data science is thriving in Scotland,” Stamper continues, “and it has an opportunity to become a leading industry that helps put Scotland on the map as a technology and science driven nation.”

We’ll be giving information and commentary on data science to help make it accessible to all

Co-host Andy McMahon, data scientist and machine learning engineer with a PhD in condensed matter physics, says:

“The three of us know how complicated data science can be and with AI Right? we really focus on giving people information and commentary that’s relevant and easy to understand. We’re confident that the podcast will be as useful for chief data scientists as it will be for students and hobbyists, because the information is relevant to the whole industry, but given in a way that makes it accessible.”

McFadyen agrees with his co-hosts and goes one step further, to say that he hopes AI Right? will encourage more people to join the field.

“At MBN we’re closer to the market than perhaps anyone else and what we see is a huge data science skills shortage. The industry is full of incredible people doing some extraordinary work but unless we can help and encourage more talent into the industry, Scotland is going to struggle. MBN’s MSc Placement Programme, in partnership with the Data Lab, and AI Right? are just two parts of making the industry more accessible.”

Where to catch episodes of AI Right?

Episodes of AI Right? will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and all other major podcast platforms. You can also watch episodes of AI Right? on the MBN Solutions website.

Watch Episode One: AI Right? Explores the Future of AI and Human Teams


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