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IoTUK Boost Competition now open

Accelerate your Internet of Things (IoT) product or service from idea stage to a robust and fundable proposition.

· 20 companies will be selected to attend an intensive 2-day workshop in Glasgow.
· Up to 5 companies will then be selected for 1-month of incubation support and mentoring.

This competition is organised by CENSIS, the Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems, in conjunction with The Data Lab and The University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Ventures. It is funded by IoTUK, a national
programme designed to amplify the UK’s Internet of Things (IoT) capability and opportunities

The theme

Our theme is ‘People and their Environments’. We are currently working with ‘problem owners’ to identify problem statements. Request an IoTUK Boost application form.

We anticipate that we will be looking for new product and service ideas in areas such as:

  • Smart cities / future cities
  • Mobility / smart transport
  • Natural environment / environmental monitoring
  • Enabling living spaces (assisted living, long-term care, energy efficiency etc)
  • General internet of things applications around how people live


  1. Request an IoTUK Boost application form now.
  2. The closing date for completed applications will be Wednesday 6th January 2016 at 12:00 noon
  3. 20 selected companies will be invited to a 2-day workshop in Glasgow on 17th and 18th February 2016, with an informal dinner on 17th. The selected companies
  4. will be informed of their successful application on 13th January, 2016
  5. At the workshop, attendees will pitch their ideas to a judging panel. Up to 5 companies will be chosen at the end of that day as winners of a 1-month incubation and mentoring support package.
  6. The 1-month incubation and mentoring support package will take place in Spring 2016

The 2-day workshop

Should you be successful in your application, you will be invited to a 2-day workshop in Glasgow. Team members from CENSIS, The Data Lab and Informatics Ventures will be in attendance to work with you, as will
representatives from the problem holder companies. If you are selected, we will provide more guidance on what to expect at the workshop. In general, you will be able to spend time improving and fleshing out your idea, working out how it will look, how it will be deployed, what it will cost etc. The workshop will be intensive and hands-on. We would suggest a maximum of two people from your company to attend.

The workshop pitch

On the afternoon of Day 2 at the workshop, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of approx 5 judges.

In your pitch, we need to see that your idea:

  • is a genuine commercial opportunity
  • addresses an identifiable need
  • has a market that will buy the product
  • can be developed as an affordable solution

The 1-month incubation and mentoring period

Should you be successful in being chosen for the 1-month incubation, you will benefit from a supported programme of activity, working with the relevant problem owner, CENSIS, The Data Lab and Informatics Venures. The objective of the 1-month support period is to assist you in developing and demonstrating a commercial solution. This will also open up valuable linkages for your company in accessing other programmes.

Further information

Press release: IoTUK Boost winner

National press release: IoT UK Boost

Request an IoTUK Boost application form

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