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How can a charity quantify the impact it is having?

Read our latest Case Study: Coming full Circle – how data can help charities measure success

Circle is a charity working with families to provide tailored support designed to help children deal with social injustice, poverty and health inequalities.

It provides one-to-one support sessions to families affected by drugs and alcohol, imprisonment and other social issues, offering advice and helping them to make positive lifestyle choices and sustain these choices as they mature, with an end goal of improving the life and prospects of the children within each family.

When Circle worked with our Data Team, they were able to prove its overwhelmingly positive impact by using data science to quantify the rate of improvement among each family it worked with.

The Data Lab facilitated data collection and analysis for Circle by providing access to a data scientist who analysed data collected from families over the course of their engagement with the charity. This allowed for the identification of a benchmarking figure that would help estimate the improvement across individual families in a definitive way.

Read the full Circle Case Study.

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