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Call for Proposals: Hack Weekends

The Data Lab requires assistance in the preparation and running a series of hack weekends, part of our 2016/17 MSc programme. 

The Data Lab MSc is a fully funded challenge-based learning programme, now entering its second year. It aims to tackle the skills gap in data science and provide students with an education geared towards meeting the needs of industry so they learn the skills that organisations actually require. 

As an integral part of the course, The Data Lab offers additional training that focuses on non-technical skills essential to data science, such as the ability to work in a team, understanding the role of data in terms of specific business’ needs and how to influence and communicate. This is delivered by The Data Lab MSc Challenge Competition which we present groups of students (up to 120 students in total) with a range of Scottish data sets, and ask them over three weekend ‘hacks’ to find a ‘solution’ that leads to one of three ends: 

  1. A consultancy project, such as a report or analysis 
  2. A novel product, process or service or start-up idea 
  3. A data journalism article, with their results visualised in a presentable and interesting manner 

More detail can be found in this summary document.

If you are interested, please submit a short proposal to by 17:00 Tuesday 20th September 2016.

This should include:

  • Cost (inc. VAT)
  • Selection of the tasks chosen to bid for
  • Brief outline of a methodology for how you could meet the objectives and timescales described below in collaboration with The Data Lab
  • Brief profile of any similar work that you have undertaken
  • Names and summary of experience for those working on the project

A decision will be made by Friday 23rd September 2016. We may request a phone interview to discuss the proposal in more detail.

For more information, please contact

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