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In this blog you can find some of the current UK funding opportunities regarding innovation and Data Science that might be of interest to you or your organisation.


1. Digital health technology catalyst round 4: collaborative R&D:

It is a £35 million fund run over 4 years as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. It is a core element at the government’s plan to implement Accelerated Access Review (AAR) and it aims to address challenges the review identified in the development of digital health innovations, and to help grow the digital health sector.

Closing date: Wednesday 10th April 2019 12:00pm

More information

2. Biomedical Catalyst 2019 round 1: feasibility and primer awards:

The aim of the Biomedical Catalyst is to support the development of innovative healthcare products, technologies and processes. These can include (but are not limited to): disease prevention and diagnosis of disease, leading to better patient outcomes; and tailored treatments that either change the underlying disease or offer potential cures.

Closing date: Wednesday 3rd April 2019 12:00pm

Two calls:

  • Feasibility and primer awards for projects with a total eligibility between £50.000 and £1 million. More information
  • Early and late stage awards for projects with a total eligibility between £250.000 and £4 million. More information

3. Pilot Scale Demonstration Projects – Smart Energy Systems

It is a Government funding for innovation in smart energy systems and technologies. BEIS will fund the selected UK-based demonstration projects and the Canadian government will fund the demonstration projects located in Canada. Project teams applying for support for demonstration projects must involve organisations from both the UK and Canada. The project teams can apply for funding contribution of up to £1,8 million per project for demonstration projects located in the UK.

Closing date: Friday 15th March 2019

More information

4. Eureka Eurostars 2: round II

This competition is aimed at small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) working on high-quality research and development (R&D) projects across national borders. It encourages international collaborative research and innovation projects that will be rapidly commercialised. A Eurostars project must have a civilian purpose and be aimed at the development of a new product, process or service.

Project size: Eurostars will award each UK project partner up to 360,000 euros funding or 60% of eligible project costs, whichever is the least. Projects can last up to 36 months.

Closing date: Thursday 28th February 2019 7:00pm

More information

5. Identifying regulatory obligations on businesses: taking stock and building insights (SBRI competition)

This is a Small Business Research initiative (SBRI) competition with funding provided by the GovTech Catalyst.

Project size: We expect projects in phase 1 to range in size up to total costs of £50,000, including VAT, for each organisation. Projects must start by 17 May and can last up to 3 months.

Closing date: Wednesday 20th February 2019 12:00pm

More information

6. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme helps businesses in the UK to innovate and grow by linking them with an academic or research organisation and a graduate.

Closing date: Wednesday 3rd April 2019

More information

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