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Exclusive opportunity for Data Lab community members to trial new software tool for free

Guest post by ParaFormance.

ParaFormance optimises data-intensive software systems for reliability, performance and energy efficiency on multicore/manycore hardware.

Developed from £multi-million EU and UK-funded research at the University of St Andrews, ParaFormance is a new tool for democratising software development for multicore/manycore systems. ParaFormance tooling will identify patterns of potential parallelism in a C/C++ code base, check for possible bugs, suggest corrections and refactor software at the source level. All this is carried out under the full control of the developer, while respecting usual code development practices. ParaFormance enables the developer to improve productivity and code quality, while developing complex parallel software at minimal cost. This reduces time-to-market. ParaFormance helps you develop faster, more reliable software.

Our toolset integrates into standard IDEs, (Eclipse and Visual Studio) and is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. We have tested ParaFormance successfully on large use-cases, including a 2.5M line weather simulation model, delivering results in minutes that would normally take weeks or months to produce by hand. The parallel performance results were excellent.

We are keen to work with partners who have complex applications in big data, healthcare, AI, modelling or data-intensive software. We want you to trial beta versions of our software tools and to collaborate with us on any future requirements you may have. Scottish/UK partners would be especially helpful to us, for practical reasons, but we are not limited by geography. We will fully respect triallists’ needs for commercial confidentiality, of course.

Get in touch now to learn more about ParaFormance and to start a free trial. Please contact our technical lead, Chris Brown with any questions and to set up a trial.

More information can be found at: and

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