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The Data Lab and The University of St Andrews announce the launch of the 2017 EngD in Computer Science

The School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews and The Data Lab are delighted to announce that the recruitment period for the EngD in Computer Science for 2017-2018 is now open! The Data Lab is delighted to partner with The University of St Andrews to offer 5 Prize Studentships for the September 2017 entry. We welcome research applications that are data-intensive and/or data-driven.

The Data Lab and the University of St Andrew’s vision for the EngD is an industry-focused doctoral research programme with unique benefits: an unmatchable, in-depth research training experience for Research Engineers leading to innovative data-driven solutions to problems faced by the Industry Sponsors.

The EngD can be viewed as an advanced data-researcher, suitable for highly-skilled new recruits or for developing and utilising the skills of existing employees. Innovative research programmes are invited from Industry Sponsors in any subject area that pushes the boundaries of Data Science.

We will support high-quality research programmes that use data science to address a technical challenge faced by the Industrial Sponsor and can demonstrate the potential for a positive impact on the Scottish economy and social landscape.

Applicants can apply for a Data Lab Prize Studentship, which will be awarded to Research Engineers who are judged by The Data Lab to be offering the most exciting and innovative proposals for pursuing data-driven or data-intensive research. A Data Lab Prize Studentship will provide up to 50% of the fees and stipend for a Research Engineer (RE) for the 4-year EngD programme, for those REs applying for entry in September 2017.

Organisations of any size may benefit from the EngD. To receive Data Lab funding, industrial sponsors should have a research or operational base in Scotland, at which the project and Research Engineer will be based.

Industry Briefing and Launch Event

To inform industry about the EngD, we have organised an event that is open to any company or organisation who might be interested in taking on an EngD student.

The breifing will include:

  • Joshua Ryan-Saha (Skills Programme Manager, The Data Lab), who will talk about the The Data Lab Prize Studentships, offiereing up to 50% of the costs for an EngD student.
  • Saleem Bhatti (Director of the EngD in Computer Science programme, University of St Andrews), who will provide an overview of the EngD programme.
  • Dawn Black (Senior Business Development Manager, University of St Andrews), who will present information about intellectual property arrangements and contracts.

Find out more about this event here.

For more information on the EngD programme download the EngD brochure or visit If you are interested in becoming an Industry Sponsor, please contact us at

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