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The DMA – Events and Training in Scotland

Guest post by The DMA Group

If you’re involved in data, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be at the front of your mind. Brexit is now a reality we can’t hide from, but we should be putting customers first anyway? But where do you start to find out what the new regulations mean for your business? What impact does Brexit have? When do we need to start? The DMA Group have a series of events and training courses coming to Scotland which will bring you up to date with the changing laws and relative political landscape.

EFF Week “ Edinburgh; Creating a culture of marketing effectiveness

EFF Week lands in Scotland at Edinburgh’s Summerhall and “ as part of a DMA / IPA collaboration “ you’ll hear from marketing leaders from across industry on creativity, technology and delivering the ultimate customer experience.
As part of Effectiveness Week 2016, Edinburgh’s Summerhall is the setting for a collaboration between the DMA and the IPA that examines the necessary elements for effective marketing.
Today’s marketers are challenged by rapidly evolving tech, regulation of data, the ongoing quest for creativity and the need to build the perfect customer experience.
All in the name of effective marketing.

So come to this Edinburgh session and learn how to make a greater impact. More information and book at EFF Week “ Edinburgh

Introduction to Data Protection Workshop

As Brexit becomes reality, it’s still business as usual if you work with data. Come to this introductory session and learn to comply now – and prepare for the future as GDPR implementation nears – with legal advice on data policy.
Consumers value businesses they can trust. And those businesses must show they care about data and their customers.
Advice is that organisations should be up to speed on these current laws as part of your GDPR implementation plans. Join our introduction to data protection as our experts de-mystify current data legislation.
You’ll take on board the very latest data compliance knowledge, as well as practical skills around implementing change in how your organisation handles information.

Wednesday 15 November 9:15-11:30am, Signal, 86/3 Commercial Quay, Commercial Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6LX, DMA Member £165+ VAT. More information here.

IDM Foundation General Data Protection Regulation

17 January “ 9:00“5:30pm, central Edinburgh, venue tbc

All forms of one to one marketing are affected by privacy legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation. New rules for processing personal data, profiling, consent, and individual rights will all need to be taken into account.

More information here

IDM/DMA member £549 + VAT | non Member £599

Legal Update “ Glasgow, Tuesday 28 March, 2:00-4.30pm

Deciphering new legislation, particularly the new EU GDPR, and how it will affect one-to-one marketing is a full time job. That’s why we employ solicitors “ so you don’t have to. So what do you need to do?
Come along to a legal update where DMA solicitors share their wisdom.

The session covers existing law and discusses potential changes to legislation, in particular the EU DGPR, which will have major implications for all companies that deal with data. Our solicitors can advise you on how to adjust your practices so you remain compliant across all aspects of your marketing now and into the future.

Our solicitors work closely with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. They are engaged with legislation affecting data protection, big data, nuisance calls and contentious issues associated with one-to-one marketing.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your business. This update is ideal for professionals in compliance roles, business owners and marketers who take best practice seriously.

DMA/IDM Member – £0 | Non member – £50 +VAT

More information and book here.

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