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Digital Tech Awards 2017 launched

It is that time of the year again. Applications for the ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards 2017 are now open, and The Data Lab is proud to sponsor the award for Transformational Innovation Through Data.

Organised by ScotlandIS and now in their seventh year, the Digital Technology Awards are designed to shine a spotlight on our industry and the world-class companies based here in Scotland. They showcase excellence within the industry rewarding the innovation, expertise and ambition of businesses, large and small. These are the industry’s must-have awards, and the winners will be announced in an unmissable event on 27th April in Glasgow.

The awards are known to attract fierce competition, so don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your business’s success and achievements, and apply today to ensure receive the recognition you deserve. Have a look at the award categories, and apply by 24th February.

Transformational Innovation Through Data Award

Last year, the Transformational Innovation Through Data award was introduced, and The Data Lab is proud to announce we are sponsoring this award again this year.

Innovative uses of data and analytics can drive significant transformation for organisations, ranging from improved business performance or operations through to driving new solutions and capabilities. This award is to recognise teams or individuals who have used Data to innovate and transform their business, their client relationships or the services and products they deliver to market.

In 2016, this award was won by Royal Bank of Scotland. You can see a list of all 2016 winners and nominees here.

If you are or know someone who has done something amazing with data in Scotland, we encourage you to apply for the chance to win this prestigious award.


ScotlandIS is the trade body for the vital digital technologies industry, the authoritative voice championing the ambition, talent and experience abundant here in Scotland.

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