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DIGIT interview: TORCH supporting businesses during the pandemic

When we launched our new Business Advisory Service TORCH in 2020, the UK was just weeks into its first national lockdown, throwing businesses into disarray and changing everyone’s approach to the way we use tech. Our TORCH team (and the goals for the service) had to adapt quickly and, whilst they did so, we also worked to help others do the same.

Almost a year since the launch of TORCH, Service Owner and Principal Solutions Architect Rhona MacLennan sat down with DIGIT to talk about the early successes of the new offering:

“In 2020, we did 11 projects, and we’ve kicked off another two already in January this year, across 10 or 11 different industries supported by organisations from a range of areas and provided 20 introductions into the supply chain.”


Despite testing times, the TORCH team have been working alongside businesses across 2020 and into 2021, offering solutions and advice to those aiming to evolve with data.

Read the full interview on the DIGIT website: Despite Pandemic, TORCH Brings Flexibility Through Smarter Data Use

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