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Bright Club Edinburgh #51 DataLaff flier

Data themed stand-up comedy glory awaits you!

Remember last month when we put out a call for potential stand-up comedians for an event in October? We had such a positive response that we’ve decided to team up with Bright Club Edinburgh for a full data themed show in October! On 29 October, we will have Bright Club #51.0 DataLaff at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh. Doors open at 7.30pm, show starts at 8.30pm and many laughs will be had.

The show will also be part of Discover Digital, Scotland’s first initiative focused on delivering creative, multi-media events for people of all backgrounds and ages to experience health tech.

So, do you work in data science or AI or tech? Are you always making people laugh at work or social gatherings about the work that you do? Are you full of interesting and funny stories to tell about your work? If so, ever fancied getting up on stage and doing it in front of a super friendly audience? If so, we’d like to hear from you!

Normally Bright Club tries to get as wide a range of topics into a show as they can, but for this one we want a wide range of takes on data science – particularly data science related to health and well-being.  Can that be made funny? Our algorithm predicts yes!

The thing that makes Bright Club Bright Club is that people do their stand-up about their special area of knowledge. It doesn’t have to be academic if you are not a university person (although that is what the majority will be). They are not looking for normal stand-up comedy – there is plenty of that around already. Bright Club are looking for that particular blend of funny and interesting that their audiences comes for. If you have not done any comedy before, that’s fine – you are exactly the sort of person Bright Club wants!

Usually they look for 8 minutes of stand up (which means about 7 minutes of material). There is some training, which usually takes place from about three weeks before the show date. They fit that around availability as best they can.

Performing involves being available on the night of the show (yes, you’ll be surprised that it needs to be said!) and this includes a quick rehearsal before the show (from about 6pm).

So if you fancy a go at performing, or want to ask if your funny fits, please email and

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