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Data Professionals – can you help STATWARS®?

STATWARS® are looking for volunteer data professionals to provide support, mentorship and industry context to schools. This is your chance to increase the visibility of data science within schools, empower teachers to lead their pupils in working with data, and to inspire the next generation of data professionals!

What is STATWARS®?

The STATWARS® vision is to provide a classroom project that delivers meaningful and engaging mathematics, numeracy and data literacy to pupils, by bringing the enchantment of the entertainment industry to their doorstep.

STATWARS® allows pupils to make rich cross curricular connections between mathematics, the world of work and their own learning, as they work through a topic that is meaningful, relevant and contemporary. Pupils work in teams to analyse a large dataset of TV shows and films to produce an infographic poster, an advertisement poster and a 60-sec pitch.

How the competition works

Teachers will run the programme with their students between September 2019 and January 2020. Entries are submitted to the STATWARS® team for judging, and awards are presented to the winners at Datafest 2020.

Data Professionals… can you help us??

We are looking for volunteer data professionals to provide support, mentorship and industry context to schools. Here are the kind of things you can help us with:

  • Produce videos we can host on our website that give pupils more information and context about data science.
  • Visit schools to present to and be interviewed by pupils about data science, as well as supporting teachers by providing data science expertise to pupils.
  • Reach more schools with group video calls to provide the support and context an in-person visit would, without the need for travel.
  • Be a judge! Attend our celebration event as part of Datafest to talk to pupils about their project and judge who should win.
  • Attend a celebration event; see the impact of the programme and celebrate with the pupils that took part

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, please get in touch, we’d love to work with you!

Not sure how you can help? Get in touch for a chat! 

STATWARS® is part of the wider Primary Engineer Programmes for the Institution of Primary Engineers and Institution of Secondary Engineers.
Further details can be found on our website:

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