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Data Innovation Fund: Call for ideas

Nesta is partnering with the Scottish Government on a challenge fund to be launched in mid October to explore:

1. How to increase trust amongst citizens in how health and care data is used and ensure that the system is trustworthy and transparent.

2. How to increase and unlock the value of data, especially that sits outside the health and care, for everyone.

We would love to hear about projects that you might be working on, or interested in working on, in Scotland to help us shape our programme and discuss whether your project might be suitable for the fund. For example:

  • Data education and ethics
  • New types of data e.g. synthetic data
  • Putting citizens in control e.g. Personal data stores
  • New models of consent
  • Data stewardship models e.g. data trusts, data commons etc
  • Unlocking the value of health data for all

Please contact

Read more about Nesta’s partnership with the Scottish Goverment: Building trust and sharing value: the twin challenges of health and care data

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