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CivTech 4.0 Challenge – absolutely anyone can apply!

Part of the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate, CivTech® brings together public sector expertise and private sector creativity to solve real problems, develop new products and deliver better, faster and easier services for everyone. Central to the approach is co-production with the citizen through open challenges.

An open challenge system is simply a process by which an organisation sets out a challenge [or problem] without prescribing a solution, and asks the greater eco-system to offer solutions. It’s up to anyone who thinks they have a solution to come forward and propose it. This way, any individual, team or business can pitch their idea into an open and fair competition. It’s a great way to tap into the entire sum of innovation, creativity and ingenuity that’s out there, waiting to be harnessed. And for you, it’s simply a great opportunity to solve a problem, and win business.

There were six open challenges that closed on 21st August. 
Look out for future challenges!

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