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Call for Academic Training Providers: CPD & Training in Data Science Skills

One of the primary focus for Data Lab’s Skills & Training agenda is to support local industry and ensure staff have the relevant skills to apply data science in their workplace. Many of the new data science and ‘big data’ technologies are less than five years old and most companies are unaware of the latest trends and developments in this area. To meet the demands of industry, we appreciate that alternatives to full-time study are required, which is why The Data Lab is working with industry to facilitate flexible learning programmes created to best fit their needs.

So far, The Data Lab has offered a few individual modules, both technical and business oriented, including a summer boot camp, CTO away days, and “Demystifying Data” workshops.

To build on the success of these modules, The Data Lab innovation centre is now launching a new structured CPD and Training programme for Industry and Public Sector in Scotland.

Based on our research in the current market, we have identified three key areas of development; Technical, Ethics and Privacy and Leadership. Specific areas of focus for this call are:

  • Data science and ethics
  • Personal privacy
  • Big data architectures
  • Data wrangling
  • Data management
  • Data modelling
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning

We would like to invite Academics from Universities across Scotland to contribute to our CPD programme by proposing a training event in one of the above focus areas. Our aim is to include events of varying lengths and formats that will appeal to a diverse audience from technicians in industry and Public Sector to leaders with no data science experience. Through participation of our CPD and training programme, you will have the opportunity to develop connections into industry and Public Sector for further collaboration.

To apply, please complete the following online form by 5:00pm on Friday 16 June: Academics/Universities

If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Clark at

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