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Call for Proposals: The Data Lab MSc Innovation Week 2018/19

We are commissioning a partner to work with us to design, organise and run The Data Lab MSc Innovation Week for 2019.

The Data Lab MSc brings together 155 postgraduate students studying data science, from across 11 Scottish universities.

Through The Data Lab MSc programme we seek to create a Scottish-based cohort of talented data scientists that have the necessary skills, attitude and desire to work as a data scientist with a Scottish-based organisation.

1. Our Hypothesis

The Innovation Week is our cohort’s most important event. We believe that by running an intensive multi-day training event that brings together all our students to work on real-world problems, with real-world datasets they will develop the necessary skills, attitudes and desire to find work as a data scientist with a Scottish-based organisation.


2. Outcomes we want from the Innovation Week

We want our MSc cohort to:

  • Have fun with their peers in a safe environment
  • Feel a sense that they are part of a wider, supportive data science community in Scotland
  • Learn how to identify real problems and frame the right questions for a successful data project
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges of using real-world ‘dirty’ data as typically found in industry
  • Help to solve real problems faced by Scottish-based organisations using data
  • Produce a meaningful output, for example a prototype (product, process, service, report or visualisation) which could provide a valuable impact for Scotland.


3. Details of services required

A. Event Design:

  • Work with The Data Lab to design a multi-day event that meets our desired outcomes

B. Event Organisation & Management

  • Source suitable venues & facilities (within a set budget)
  • Source equipment
  • Ensure effective WIFI
  • Source and manage catering (within a set budget)
  • Source suitable accommodation for a portion of the attendees (within a set budget)

C. Event Facilitation

  • Facilitate participants through the event
  • Manage team formation process
  • Collate and help us learn from event feedback
  • Make datasets locally available for participants of the event
  • Ensure datasets are in a sensible format, well-structured and have sufficient explanatory guidance
  • Create a process for data confidentiality

D. Challenge Framing

  • Support The Data Lab and Scottish-based organisations that are providing data & problems to frame their challenge for the event


The Data Lab will be responsible for sourcing ‘challenges’ and datasets from Scottish-based organisations. We will also begin to shape the challenge before handing over to our partner for ‘framing’.

The Data Lab will have at least four representatives present throughout the event. At least two of these will have data science expertise.

The Data Lab will convene a judging or feedback panel for the event.

The Data Lab will pay for venues, catering, accommodation, equipment directly and these costs should not be provided as part of your proposal.

The event must take place in the first week of June 2019 in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Paisley or Stirling.


4. Our budget

Up to a maximum of £48,000 (Inclusive of VAT)


5. What has happened before?

Last year we worked with a partner to run a five-day event in Glasgow. Check out the video.

In 2017 we worked with a partner to run three weekend events across Scotland. Check out the video.


6. How to bid?

If you are interested, please submit a short slide deck proposal (Max 10 slides) to by 17:00 Monday 27th August 2018.

This should include:

  1. Cost (inc. VAT)
  2. Selection of the tasks chosen to bid for
  3. A brief overview of the approach you will take in working with us to achieve these outcomes
  4. Brief profile of any similar work that you have undertaken
  5. Names and a short summary of experience for those working on the project


7. What happens next?

Meetings with shortlisted bidders will be held on Tuesday 11th September€¯2018. The successful bid(s) will be informed by€¯Friday 14th September 2018.


8. Contact us

To ask us a question, please contact€¯


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