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Be a part of The Data Lab MSc

Big data and data science stories are now commonplace across the news with daily articles on the competitive advantage that can be gained using the right data strategy. However, organisations are finding it hard to find the right talent to make the most of this opportunity. A recent study by The Tech Partnership and SAS UK shows that there are serious skills shortages in data science at the moment, with recruiters reporting that 77% of data science positions were difficult to fill with the required skills. One of the main pillars of The Data Lab’s objectives is to help develop the required capabilities in data science in Scotland, to assist in closing the skills gap currently being experienced by industry.

The Data Lab MSc is a collaborative effort between Robert Gordon University, The University of Dundee, The University of Stirling and The Data Lab. Through this collaboration, each university has developed an MSc programme based on its own strengths and capabilities, with the support of The Data Lab to facilitate a strong theme of industry involvement and collaboration.

A scholarships scheme funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and managed by The Data Lab, will fund 40 places for Scottish and EU students across the 3 participating universities during the 2015/16 academic year. Our focus is to then retain this talent in Scotland to support the industry.

Focus on employability: tech + soft skills

The Data Lab MSc has been developed with the goal to produce industry ready data scientists, who also have relevant business and scientific knowledge to deliver valuable insights and tangible results.

Students will undertake a number of courses covering a variety of technical topics such as machine learning, data visualisation and R programming, combined with hands-on experience in applying the concepts to real-world problems; while also developing soft skills including leadership, teamwork, presentation and project management.

Graduates will have the right combination of technical and soft skills, which will allow them to comprehend, process, and manage data effectively and efficiently, while also being able to identify relevant insights and extract value from data, visualise it, and communicate their findings professionally.

Be a part of The Data Lab MSc

Are you interested in shaping the next wave of Data Scientists from Scotland? Already with strong interest, we are looking to expand our pool of industry participants, who are interested in being part of our placement and projects programme, or contribute towards The Data Lab MSc events.

The Data Lab MSc will be complemented with a series of seminars and workshops delivered by industry partners throughout the course of the programme. A final event where students can present their projects to industry partners, and companies can present on employment opportunities is also planned for the end of the program.

We also aim to involve industry partners in the practical side of the programs, in the form of placements and/or industrial dissertation projects, in order to facilitate hands-on experience for students. This will be delivered in collaboration with companies or technology providers, which provides students with the opportunity to learn practical skills, and maximise employability.

Partners will benefit from the opportunity to access a strong talent pool at the end of the course, and positioning themselves as potential employers for the first group of Data Scientists to graduate the program, while contributing with relevant content to ensure graduates understand real industry needs and skills requirements.

The Data Lab Data Lab involvement in this MSc programme aims to foster stronger collaboration within universities and students with the private and public sectors, leveraging on Scotland’s strengths in this area to provide a strong business sense to the course.

If you are interested in discussing how your organization can be a part of The Data Lab MSc, please contact us on

For more information on the MSc program, please visit our MSc page.

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